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I'm not giving The Law too much credit, people don't give him enough.

Mix that in with the fact that probably all of you have never seen Bas fight live back in his day, you're likely giving Rutten too much credit based on his reputation.

Styles make fights. Just like boxing. One of these days people will start fogetting this guy with his rep. and name value, taking on this guy and his rep. and name value, and you'll start looking at the styles. Bas admittedly says he sucks at wrestling, and that's now. Back when he was fighting his wrestling was awful. Lindland's an olympic wrestling champion. As long as a Terrell doesn't happen, Lindland's going to clinch or take him down at will. He might not do much from there, but regardless you don't have to be exciting to win.
If your talking about live like being there then your right but i have seen him fight in UFC 20 and 18 and have seen all his other fights later. I wish he wasnt coming back cause i think having 21 straight fights without a loss is pretty sick, but im selfish and cant wait to see him fight again like jordan on the wizards. But i love how you call thank KO on lindland a Terrell. sick