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Thread: Jon Jones on Twitter "talking" Rashad.

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    Default Jon Jones on Twitter "talking" Rashad.

    So interesting that rashad would offer rampage to come train.. I listen to his words closely, I know how his heart really feels.
    he was never my friend, he's a jealous snake.
    Yes, he's been begging Rampage to train hard.. Just pay attention people.. and I hope Rampage IS training hard, I sure am.
    sometimes I feel like apologizing for whatever I did to him to make him hate me so much.. he's says I betray him..
    I cleanly said I would HATE to have to fight my teammate and the ONLY way it could ever possibly happen is if Dana would fire me over it.
    He used that to start calling me Judas and a @JacksonsMMA traitor.. He was looking for an excuse to bring out his envy after I won the belt
    Alright, taking my dogs for a walk.. Got Rampage to thank about for now.. Be blessed people.. Glad your hearing the Truth
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    He did not said anything new.

    Jones: He is a snake
    Rashad: He is a traitor

    This kindergarden beef is pointless. If they really hate that much eachother (I oersonally doubt it) then they have to be patient, Jones has to beat Rampage and probably in early 2012 thy will fight eachother.

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    I cannot wait to watch Jones stomp Rashad. If you followed the story from the beginning, Rashad supposedly didn't like the fact the Jones came to train at Jackson's in the first place. What other reason would he feel that way besides that he recognized the talent in Jones and felt strongly that Jon could beat him? Maybe he feared that fact or didn't want someone to take his goldenboy status away. Rashad uses the whole "Jackson's family, don't fight teammates bullshit" but apparently not everyone at Jackson's feels that way if it's for the belt. Carlos Condit has been training at Jackson's since he was 15 and has made it clear he would fight GSP for the belt, so why couldn't Jones voice his opinion on the subject? It's true that Jon didn't go out and blatantly say he wanted to fight Rashad with ill will but just if the belt was on the line or Dana and Silva (The bosses) made the fight... Rashad has been in the wrong from the start, IMO.

    I agree that Rashad has just seemed jealous the whole time. Especially after Jones actually won the belt and the way that he did it. I highly doubt Rashad would have done to Shogun what Jones did and with all the praise and glory Jones got for that, Rashad's blood probably boiled. In Rashad's shoes and judging from his personality, it's hard to imagine he isn't full of envy. I would respect him if he just admitted that but the way he's playing it just adds more reason to why I can't stand him as a person.

    I wish the titlefight was Jones/Evans, not Rampage. This fight needs to happen! I'm tired of the bickering. I imagine it's going to be one of the greatest LHW title fights to date. It's amusing though that Rashad offered to train Rampage and hopes that he wins the fight. Why wouldn't Rashad want to fight Jones for the title??

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