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Thread: Jon Jones on Twitter "talking" Rashad.

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    Default Jon Jones on Twitter "talking" Rashad.

    So interesting that rashad would offer rampage to come train.. I listen to his words closely, I know how his heart really feels.
    he was never my friend, he's a jealous snake.
    Yes, he's been begging Rampage to train hard.. Just pay attention people.. and I hope Rampage IS training hard, I sure am.
    sometimes I feel like apologizing for whatever I did to him to make him hate me so much.. he's says I betray him..
    I cleanly said I would HATE to have to fight my teammate and the ONLY way it could ever possibly happen is if Dana would fire me over it.
    He used that to start calling me Judas and a @JacksonsMMA traitor.. He was looking for an excuse to bring out his envy after I won the belt
    Alright, taking my dogs for a walk.. Got Rampage to thank about for now.. Be blessed people.. Glad your hearing the Truth
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    He did not said anything new.

    Jones: He is a snake
    Rashad: He is a traitor

    This kindergarden beef is pointless. If they really hate that much eachother (I oersonally doubt it) then they have to be patient, Jones has to beat Rampage and probably in early 2012 thy will fight eachother.

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