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Thread: height and reach discrepencies

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    Default height and reach discrepencies

    i found something weird coming into the fight with tito and rashad. in the first fight rashad was 5'11 and suffered a 2 or 3 inch reach disadvantage, while tito was 6'2. tito's fight with bader tito was listed as 6'3. with the rashad and tito rematch, rashad grew to 6'0 and now had a 1 inch reach advantage over tito and tito shrunk back down to 6'2. i wnder why the UFC cant keep the tale of the tape accurate lol. i also noticed when anderson silva fought okama the first time, he was listed at 5'11 and now in the UFC he is 6'2. i wonder why theres such a difference in records.
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    You're right - I believe Anderson was listed as short as 5'10 in the Leben fight but when he squared up against Forrest, who's usually listed as 6'3, he was roughly the same height.

    I guess they just publish whatever the fighter tells them.

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