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Thread: One FC rumors

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    Default One FC rumors

    One FC rumors
    # According to Braga Neto, he was offered to fight Kazuo Misaki in One FC as recent as last week. Props for Misaki being signed by One FC, now let's see another fight of the year go down.
    # It's been rumored from people close to Jens Pulver that his former losing streak could be directly attributed to his need to play World of Warcraft throughout the day -- and night.
    # One FC has been showing interest in hosting a 135lb or openweight female tournament in the beginning of 2012. Hopefully they will enforce a weight restriction.
    # A few of you won some One FC apparel I gave away on Twitter. It appears the company wants to dive deeper into the MMA apparel business in the future. | The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    I thought Misaki signed with Strikeforce last month?

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