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Thread: Name Change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    PM one of the mods.
    Thanks m'man

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    I would like to change my username to Sniggles. It is a nickname that my friends embedded upon me deriving from my last name.

    I will PM someone.

    Degenero is one of those alias I used when I was a teenager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyKnox View Post
    Ohh, nice! I didn't know you could change your name on here. It's almost seems like getting plastic surgery or a sex change.

    I hate my name on here. Slight lack of creativity. Then again, I never expected to accumulate thousands of posts, let alone spend years on this site.
    Ofcourse you can. Anything running off of sql db can be changed on the fly.
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