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Thread: Floyd Mayweather, Larry Merchant Go Toe to Toe

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    Default Floyd Mayweather, Larry Merchant Go Toe to Toe

    Floyd Mayweather, Larry Merchant Go Toe to Toe
    As he always does after big fights, Merchant stepped into the ring after Mayweather beat Ortiz and began to pepper Mayweather with tough questions. But these questions were tougher than most because the circumstances were unprecedented: Mayweather had just knocked Ortiz out at a point when the referee had appeared to call time out, and the fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas were loudly booing Mayweather, rather than celebrating his latest victory.

    As Merchant's questions heated up, Mayweather became enraged.

    "You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you," Mayweather screamed. "You don't know s--t about boxing."
    Floyd Mayweather, Larry Merchant Go Toe to Toe
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    I think that part was an act on Meywhethers part; he was all smiles 2 seconds later, and Im pretty sure Larry knew it also.
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    Didn't look like an act to me. Merchant is usually annoying, but he had more balls than Floyd last night.

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