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Thread: Shogun vs. Henderson

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    Default Shogun vs. Henderson

    With the fight just being announced.

    Who wins?

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    This guy right below me......(its shogun for those who read this after I take my current sig down) I'll take a 6 week sig bet against anyone, even though its a ways off.

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    First off, I LOVE this fight! Great matchmaking, this fight is very even and extremely interesting. I'm assuming the winner goes on to fight for the title after Rashad gets his shot.

    Based purely on a gut feeling, I'm going with Hendo. I feel a lot better with him staying at 205, it just doesn't seem good for him to cut weight at this point. And that guys chin seems like its never going to turn into glass.

    Still...this ones a crap shoot. Both of these guys have the tools to defeat the other.

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    i love both fighters.....but my gut is going with henderson in this fight. however if shogun wins this fight, he gets the next title shot.
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    Gotta go with Dan, love both fighters but feel Dan strengths will do more then Shoguns in this fight.
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    Shogun wins this. Only way he doesn't is if he's coming off a long layoff because of an injury. When he fights tow or three fights in a row he stays in shape and focused.

    Dan likes to strike to much now a days and he gets outclassed there by a healthy focused Shogun
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    I've gotta go with Hendo, but it's gonna be a great fight.
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