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Hunt never really threw many head kicks(I've never seen him throw one successful one), and if his leg kicks dont stop Tua in his tracks, he's in a world of trouble.

Tua's hands alone is 10 times better than Hunt ever was as a kickboxer, or a Boxer, which he tried his hand at and lost to a can who now finished his career at 16 wins 20 loses. Hunt wasnt a good Boxer at all which is why he went to K1 which is a step down to be honest(talent wise and financially). Even his record in K1 is 30 and 13 as compared to Tua who is 54 and 4 and he's fought some of the best HWs in the world.

Simply put, the best of the best strikers in the world go to boxing because that's where the money is at. If a fighter cant make it in boxing, they go to MMA, Kickboxing, or retire. There are exceptions aswell, but not many.
Actually, kickboxers have been kickboxing their whole life, they have never used their hands purely. It is ridiculous to say that the best strikers go in to boxing, because a world class striker is someone who can utilize all his/her limbs in combat, not just use your fists and arms. There are those karatekas that are well disciplined, and love their sport and art, and go in to kickboxing for the love of the sport. There are those that can actually make money in competitive kickboxing, but opportunities are quite few in kickboxing than in boxing. Some people turn in to kickboxers because they lack the punching profficiency to make it in boxing, but do not lack the striking skills to use all his/her limbs. Some people are just horrible at using hands, but like Peter Aerts, can use their hands decently to set up an offensive combo with knees, low kicks or punches.
What you are implying is at least 30 percent true, there are those that tried their hands at boxing but failed and turned to kickboxing, and there are those who are originally kickboxers, that fail at boxing, and return to their sport, and those who succeed and make big bucks. There are also those who just find it difficult to transition, and just simply love their art form and do not bother leaving it. Regardless the best athletes are in soccer, since the talent pool is exponentially larger than the size of every other sport in the world