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Thread: Did he tap or not

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    Default Did he tap or not

    Controversy on TUF.

    Akira Corassani: I know for myself that I never tapped ... I raised my hand and tapped one time on his thigh -

    The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 saw its first controversy of the season last night (Oct. 19, 2011) on "Swagger Jacker," episode five of the Spike TV reality show.

    In round one of the featherweight elimination fight between Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani, Neace rolls into a heel hook with just over a minute left in the opening frame. Corassani appears to tap out ... or does he?

    Here's what he told MMA Nation in his guest blog:

    "I was almost gassed just walking into the cage. Whatever, I'm a professional and I got the job done. I had double vision the whole fight. I actually don't remember anything from that fight. I just remember two things. One is the knockdown. The other was that when he had me in a heel hook it wasn't there. It wasn't in. If you watch the video again you see my knee pop out because he slipped. He lost his grip. I was thinking 'holy shit he's got it!' I changed my mind the moment he slipped. I've watched it maybe 100 times and I know for myself that I never tapped. Herb Dean has refereed thousands of fights and he didn't see a clear tap. Usually it's a horror scene when somebody taps from a heel hook. People start screaming and crying. I raised my hand and tapped one time on his thigh but it wasn't one of those dramatic taps like a metal drummer. It slipped out and I just went up on him. I would be honest and say I tapped if I did. I know the feeling that went through my body saying 'this is going to hurt, I'm going to tap.' But then I got out. One hit and then I'm out."

    I rewatched that part of the fight a few times...I actually hear a borderline yell/scream of pain.

    I donno.

    Even Dana after the fight said that if Herb stopped it, no one would refute the tap. But at the same time, Herb didn't stop the fight.

    It sucks. Neace lost it. Mayhem was right....after that round, he was solely thinking about that 'tap'

    Every fighter has to learn about it...but with heel hooks and kneebars, they are probably the most dangerous submissions that can ruin a fighters career.

    I bet you next time Neace is going to hold on until the ref stops him....or maybe injure his opponent.

    Irony of the match was before stepping in the cage Neace said if he got an RNC on Akira he would hold it longer than he is suppose to because of his hate for Akira.....then he actually lets off that heelhook and lets him pop out as he is complaining to the ref.

    What do you guys think? Did he tap? Is Neace the number one fill in fighter for any fighter that is overweight or injured?

    Is Bisping becoming more and more of a dick? And he is missing like every 2nd TUF event...showing up late....his fighters saying that he is showing up late because he was out drinking all night?

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    I think he tapped.
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    I thought he tapped for sure.

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    He tapped. And no way did Akira win that first round, not even close.

    It's OK though. Karma wins out.

    The Great White Hoax

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    He tapped for sure. And to be honest, Herb should have taken a point off him for that classless act before the match was even announced to be over.

    I don't really want a guy like him representing the northern European countries.

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    He definately tapped. Dean stepped in because he wasn't sure, Neace let the hold go, so Akira didn't tap anymore. Without any further sign that Akira was in trouble why should Dean stop the fight?

    Sucks for Neace, but you don't stop till the referee tells you too.

    What I thought was intresting was Keith Kizer running in the ring and asking Akira if he wanted to be suspended.

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    He tapped, lost round 1 of a 2 Round fight and wins the fight without a 3rd Round. Maybe they wanted a more even number of Miller to Bisping fighters moving on?

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    I think he tapped. But more importantly I think he lost that first round. I have no idea what the judges saw in that round that they gave it to Akira.

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    He tapped and he's a terrible competitor for not admitting it then getting in the guy's face.

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    He definitely tapped, and he definitely lost round 1. I really liked that Kizer came in and almost suspended him. He shut up real quick.

    Bisping is starting to piss me off more and more. He bitches to Mayhem about having control over his guys and complains about the pranks, then turns around and either pranks Mayhem or watches his team do it. On top of that, he totally deserved to get pushed after threatening another coach from Mayhem's team. Dude can't take what he dishes out, can't wait to see Mayhem beat is ass.

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