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Thread: Boxing/Muay Thai Gloves Question

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    Hi folks,

    I have a question about gloves for heavy bag and Thai pad training. I bought a pair of 16oz gloves that are a sparring/training hybrid glove. The gloves are fairly large and well padded but I find I cannot really make a completely closed fist. This is fine for technique drills on the heavy bags and thai pads but when I put alot of power behind my strikes I find I'm getting pain between my wrist and thumb.

    I'm a fairly heavy guy for my size at 205lbs and 5'7". I always wrap my hands well before putting on my gloves but this pain is holding me back a bit.

    I've decided to save these gloves for sparring, as I'd never throw as hard in that scenario as I do on the bags/pads. They are good gloves judging by the reviews I've read (Fighting Tri-Tech gloves, Fighting is an offshoot of Title I think).

    And my question is!!!: what do you folks suggest I pick up for heavy bag and thai pad work? Would a smaller sized boxing glove that allows me to make a more complete fist work well (maybe a 14oz, as I'd need some padding for my weight I think) or should I go right for pure training/bag gloves?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I hate the pain I get when I throw a hard uppercut or hook right now and it just makes me want to elbow the shit out of the damn thing, haha.

    edit* actually I guess bag gloves are meant for speed drills and probably would not solve my pain issue. So maybe I'm looking at a boxing glove with a snugger fit?
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    and when you find one, prepare yourself for the adjustment period

    if you've been getting pain for a while, your body is used to that impact with your carpals in that position

    I would get better gloves and start on thai pads before heavy bag

    boxing gloves are like boxing shoes, you get what you pay for

    I hate 16 ounce myself

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