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Thread: Jon Jones VS Cain Velasquez

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Ok, so what I got from this is that you agree with me: When you said Bones would "easily" get a "legit KO" you were being stupid.

    Thank you. It was wordy and confusing, but generous of you to admit that you were wrong.
    He could, but he wont... He will drop him and follow him to the ground just like Anderson did. If he really was wanting to get the standing KO like he is talking about, he could let him up and eventually crack Dan's chin for first time.
    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Guys say he'd probably struggle because they don't see him the way you do. They don't see him as a better wrestler than Barnett, for instance. They don't assume he'll keep his speed advantage as he puts on bulk. They understand the difference between having a ridiculous reach advantage and a weight advantage on your opponent; as opposed to just having a reach advantage against a potentially stronger opponent.

    You've said before that you think Bones is the most talented fighter in MMA. I don't agree. I think he's a lot like lesnar, only with potential. Right now--like lesnar at his peak--his technical game is limited, but admirably augmented by his physical gifts. Unlike lesnar, bones has time and will probably grow into a more skilled fighter as he matures, but right now, he covers technical holes with physicality...and that ability would be diminished if he were to fight at HW, where his advantage wouldn't be so lopsided.

    I guess we will agree to disagree. Josh is a very good grappler. He is a submission artist with pretty good takedown, but not great as some see them. He couldnt get CC down who may not even have any weight on Jones.... He also couldnt get DC down either... If somebody has very good TDD he struggles/cant get them down...

    I dont see him being able to get Jones down... I guess we just have to agree to disagree.

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    Cain, as Jones won't have a massive size advantage

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