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Thread: Gsp vs. Chael Sonnen

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    i think gsp wakes the fuck up after being beat up a little bit and eventually scrambles to get on top and hitt an armbar.
    Suggesting GSP was massaged to sleep by Sonnen's pillow fist?

    I agree.

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    Size is the biggest unknown here, but skills against skills GSP runs away with it. GSP has looked massive lately, he's really done a good job with his weight training and I think if he can get it to carry over to 185 he wins easily.

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    GSP would take this with little problems. Chael has great take downs and shitty sub defense. What a crazy combination lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rampage9712 View Post
    That is a good fight, but of course Sonnen is a MW.

    He would rush GSP, GSP wouldnt be able to get much done standing. I see both of them being able to take the other down. Chael has great takedowns but not the best TDD. It all depends on who gets the takedowns first. It could go either way.
    Chael would likely get submitted by GSP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    Chael would likely get submitted by GSP.
    GSP easily takes anyone down south of 205 imo... He can definitely get Sonnen down... The only problem for him is that Chael always looks for the takedown. Even against grapplers and fighters you'd think he wouldnt mind standing with, sometimes to his downfall...

    His game is always just to push forward and get the takedown, he is willing to take some shots to get inside... I do see him being able to get GSP down, he has the skill as well as some good size/strength on GSP.

    nice ass btw, you got to come in from the side every now and then. good find.

    No question GSP could sub Chael if he was on top, but we havent seen GSP defending off of his back in a while. Im sure Sonnen has been working on his sub defense as well...

    It would actually be a fight I would look forward to seeing.... Even if it wouldnt be the most exciting, it would be interesting to see how it played out.

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    Just straight up skills GSP wins easily. Take Chaels size advantage out of the mix and he has nothing he does better then GSP. At best his takedowns are just as good but GSP's takedown defense is way better.

    The size difference makes it a closer match though I could still see GSP winning by sub or close decision.

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