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    who in the fuck tries to spike the ball with 2 seconds left on the clock right at the red zone??????????????????????

    i know you had a wide out limping, but you snap the ball and go for it. 2 seconds thats your only shot.

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    Yeah shitty way to end a great game. He should have know time was going to run out.

    Fiesta bowl has been awesome so far.

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    I give him a little slack, its hard to know how much time is left when you are playing the game. Hell I use to lose track of periods when I was wrestling. And when he was running to the line of scrimmage he looked up and probably saw 8 seconds or something like that and thought he had more then enough time.
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    Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl were great games! Glad Oregon and Oklahoma State got wins.

    ROLL damn TIDE!!!!!!!!


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