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Sorry I was being sarcastic. Chisora keeps saying how he is going to shoot him for "glassing" him. I was just wondering if you should be able to shoot someone for attempting to smash a bottle on your head. I saw a lot of crazy things in my past life at bars, but I never saw someone get a beer bottle smashed over their head. Always wanted to though.
Strangely enough, that was David Hayes argument for running back to Blighty after the fight before police caught up with him; Chisora saying he was gonna shoot him.

Meh seeing somebody getting bottled/glassed isn't that fun. Bottles tend to shatter pretty well so there is no doubt some collateral damage when a bird gets some glass in her eyes or gets a tiny cut (lots of screams and a huge fuss about it) then a further fight breaks out mostly caused by there boyfriends. Glassing tends to cause massive cuts that bleed all over the place. Its strangely cliched.

The worse thing of all is when glass gets in your pint or you spill your drink in fight errupting.