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Thread: TUF: Lawrence vs. Marcello Results

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    Default TUF: Lawrence vs. Marcello Results

    Justin Lawrence Knocks Out Cristiano Marcello on The Ultimate Fighter

    Lawrence out-struck Marcello in the stand-up exchanges in the first round, then started landing with more power in the second round and ultimately connected a left hand to Marcello's chin that knocked Marcello flat on his back, ending the fight by second-round knockout.

    "It felt amazing," Lawrence said afterward. "We worked that all week during the training camp -- my left hook, my hands, my movement."

    It was an impressive performance by Lawrence that has to make him, at the moment at least, the favorite to win this season.

    Marcello is one of the most experienced fighters on the show, a 34-year-old Pride veteran and Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor who has coached some of the best fighters in the world at the famed Chute Box Academy. But he was never able to take the fight to the ground against Lawrence, and his striking was not impressive.

    As for the "reality" portion of the UFC's reality show, this week's episode wasn't as compelling as last week's, as the fighters resorted to silly pranks like defacing the photos of coaches Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber that hang in the gym. A couple of contrived confrontations between Cruz and Faber felt more like they were going through the motions of promoting their own upcoming fight than exhibiting genuine bad blood.

    The fight itself, however, was solid: Lawrence looked good, and he looks like he might just be the best fighter on this season of The Ultimate Fighter.
    Justin Lawrence Knocks Out Cristiano Marcello on The Ultimate Fighter - MMA Fighting

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    I thought Marcello looked pretty good last night. He took the center of the cage and pushed the pace for the better portion of the fight. I think it was a bad gameplan to stand with one of the more faster, heavy-handed guys, but what do I know.

    BTW: Did anyone catch the camera guy fall before the fight announcement? I thought that shit was hilarious. And it looked like the only guy that helped him was Cruz lol.

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    Didn't catch the falling camera guy. Wish I had though. I thought marcello looked alright but damn keep your chin tucked. He was never really in that fight though. Lawrence is a pretty good kickboxer and slowly chipped away at marcello until he had just the right opening IMO even if he doesn't win this tourney he still has a bright future

    Oh and on another note Cruz has really impressed me with how he has handled things so far. Both guys have a fantastic coaching staff. Lloyd Ervin FTW
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    Good fight last night. Marcello is a gamer and the Missouri boy "Lawrence" is a bad ass.

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    Impressive finish.. man, I was routing for marcello, but lawrences movement and striking was just too much for him i guess.
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    Lawrence was a beast,just agressive, too fast and was landing the better shots. Just need to clear up that acne,how old is he? His back looked worse then Chaels.
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    so where exactly did marcello get the idea he could stand with lawrence?? decorated bjj guy decides to try his standup when its most important he win?? only a ufc contract on the line....

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    Lawrence didnt impress me much, he threw a lot of wild power shots. Marcello kept going back instead of staying in the pocket, or even going for a take down. He needs to learn to keep his chin down because he was caught with the exact think Faber told him Lawrence does, LEFT HOOK, they even trained against it, but oh well, decent fight for what it was

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