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Thread: Rumour - Brock Lesnar signs 1 year deal with WWE

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    Rivet, I doubt they will push mma at all. They had Chael in the audience recently and never acknowledged him. If any show up just to support Brock, they probably won't acknowledge them. I also think Vince would like for people to forget Brock's mma career considering the last couple fights he had that ended it... They have a way of erasing (ignoring) history in the wwe. I think Vince is smart enough to realize mma hurts prowrestling in a big way and has taken a lot of the fans who want to see real fights rather than rehearsed, whether he admits it or not. I think he would be smart to try and recruit Tito or Randy Coture in some fashion like he did with Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock back in the day. I can see Tito and Randy transitioning well like Ken did. Ken actually did pretty well.

    For Mania, an awesome ending would be... Rock/Cena - ref is down, HBK comes out (already a ref that night) kicks Rock, counts Cena as the winner. (sets up hbk rock next year). Then just as you think the show's over and cena is celebrating, here comes the pain. Brock F5's Cena. Setting up the main event for next year.

    I think WWE knows they did a great job by building the main event for a year with rock/cena and they will do the same this year on a bigger scale. I wouldn't get any hopes up though, I always expect them to drop the ball and I'm rarely disappointed.
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    Default UFC President Dana White publically addresses Brock Lesnar rumors

    UFC President Dana White publically addresses Brock Lesnar rumors
    UFC President Dana White addressed rumors of Brock Lesnar possibly involving himself tonight at WrestleMania XXVIII.

    “I have no idea if Brock is wrestling but if he is, good for him,” he wrote on Twitter. “He is able to do it.”
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    here comes the pain!

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    He was a no show,might be on RAW.
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    Yeah....about that.
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    WWE loves to fake out the internet. They do smokescreen shit like this all the time just to get the dirtsheets hook, line and sinker on something, then get tongues wagging. Similar thing happened at Rumble.

    This could really just be about the video game or something like a new DVD venture. They've got a world of hype surrounding this and their ratings tomorrow should be huge(due to it being the post Wrestlemania RAW) and if he showed up tomorrow night, it would still start some amazing buzz. That said, if he doesn't show up tomorrow night, I'm probably thinking it was all just a swerve.

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    This is the most interested I have been in pro wrestling in quite some seems alot of you guys feel the same way. lol and for nothing possibly...

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    The 5 Million Dollar Man | Lesnar Cashes In With 12 Month WWE Contract | MMA News

    Former UFC heavyweight wrecking machine Brock Lesnar has reportedly inked a 12-month deal with the WWE for five-million-dollars.

    We reported on Tuesday that he made an appearance on the pro-wrestling companies Monday night program and now if rumor holds true that was more than just a guest cameo.

    Cage Side Seats busted the lid off this story:

    The details surrounding Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract are beginning to emerge and it looks like the former Undisputed Champion has gotten himself a plum of a deal.

    According to sPyWareInsider, Lesnar’s brand new deal — reportedly agreed upon and signed during WrestleMania 28 weekend and rumored to be in the $5 million range — will last through next year’s WrestleMania at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. There, he will assumedly take part in a huge match-up with tons of mainstream press behind it. The Rock? The Undertaker? His victim last night, John Cena? All potential bouts would rake in tons of cash and score hundreds of thousands of pay-per-view (PPV) buys.

    The current plan is for Lesnar to make appearances about twice a month with an even greater frequency in the months leading up to WrestleMania 29. The report also goes to state additional appearances could be negotiated on a case by case basis.
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