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Thread: WWE fan dies from rear naked choke

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIZJUDOZOU View Post
    30 to 40 seconds is a long time. I have passed out from chokes (doing Judo and BJJ) from 3- 5 seconds. How long did it take someone to notice that the kid should let go? I guess they thought he was going to turn Ultimate Warrior on them and start shaking the ropes.
    I think chokes can be worse when guys don't know what they are doing.

    If you know what you are doing you can cut the breathing and also cut the blood flow and you go out...but if the guy can breath through 20 percent of his windpipe, and only one of the arteries is cut, then it is slow...and if the guy is struggling, he will use more oxygen, but he is still partially sucking in some air.

    20-30 seconds is pretty long. Freak accident, sucks.

    Might have been better if the kid knew exactly what he was doing...actually...guaranteed it would have been a different outcome if this kid had choked someone out before and knew what it felt like...and was doing it properly...safely.

    Maybe it's a case of when the bullied fights back....gonna suck for that kid....better get ready for a life of psychiatrists or a lifetime in and out of prison....hopefully he can get over it. Gonna fuck his family up too. Sucks...shitty story.

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    This kind of fits a stereotype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leucoethiops View Post
    This kind of fits a stereotype.
    Survival of the fittest?

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