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Thread: Two huge stories involving a former WWE wreslter and a current WWE Wreslter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky>Fedor View Post
    hahahahahahaha what???
    Only kids and teen girls like Cena. Other than them no one likes Cena.

    About Mysterio failing a drug/steroid test. It is the WWE we are talking about. Everybody there is on roids, painkillers and other substances. That is not a secret at all.
    Dude, that's horrible to say. Since Benoit screwed up so bad, they really have cracked down on drug testing. I'm sure they drug test much better than M-1. They make their performers stand nude in front of someone and piss because some guys used to use a fake penis. Look at their roster, they don't have all those ripped guys anymore. And those that used to be ripped... HHH, have slimmed down a lot lol.

    As far as Cena, I like him. That guy has granted more "make a wish" wishes than any other celebrity. I respect the hell out of him for that. He also is a pretty good role model for kids and with all the Rhianna's and Miley Cyrus sluts out there and lil thugs, for kids to look up to, I appreciate that theres still a few good role models out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Umm Buff broke his neck once before during a match. A very serious and legit injury. It was a botched bulldog against Rick Steiner. You may want to do your homework before you talk out of your ass and make yourself look like a clueless twit. Oh wait....
    Well to be honest, Buff didn't really BREAK his neck per se vs Rick Steiner, rather he suffered a stinger and some neck damage which required far less invasive surgery, not the same level of seriousness that Austin, Edge, Benoit, Rhino, Helms, Test and a slew of others had suffered, which required a yearlong layoff due to the severity of their injuries.

    Buff's neck injury was majorly played up in storylines, but it wasn't a shoot "broken neck".

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    Waaait, we have a thread about Buff and no one has yet quoted....

    "I'm Buff, I'm tough and I got the stuff".

    The genetic freak was the shit... No I am not talking AO I am taking ...Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner was the shit for pro wrestling. NWO was amazing.

    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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