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Thread: Silva and Seagal battle over Budweiser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    Shitty shitty shitty piss water you mean. Blows my mind how BUD / Canadian / Labatt and all those shitty ass beers cost just as much if not more than your tasty local brews and craft beers.
    Local microbrewery beers are about 50% more expensive here, but that's okay, because they're 50% better too....

    Creemore Springs ftw

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    Default Silva and Seagal Are “On Deadly Ground” (*rimshot*) in New Budweiser Commercial

    Link: Silva and Seagal Are “On Deadly Ground” (*rimshot*) in New Budweiser Commercial | | Cagepotato

    Embedding isn't working. Peep the video, there's even an appearance by Lyoto's dad:

    With recent events involving a UFC fighter and alcohol grabbing the spotlight, we at CP figured we’d lighten the mood a tad with this new Budweiser commercial. From a stare down between Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal to Lyoto Machida making a cameo as he flees the scene, this commercial has it all. When I say it has it all, I mean they also mixed in a midget little person as well as Bruce Buffer and Dan Miragliotta. Much to the surprise of Chael Sonnen (because, we assume, he was unaware that the country has such technological advances like television), it has been rumored that the commercial will only air in Brazil.

    Since becoming a sponsor of the UFC, the Anheuser-Busch conglomerate has seen their fair share of controversy stemming from the octagon. There was Brock Lesnar giving Bud-Light a giant middle finger during a post fight interview and there was also a warning issued to the UFC for their fighter’s behavior by Anheuser-Busch. Now that Jon Jones has been arrested under the suspicion of DUI, what is the UFC’s star sponsor going to do since he was featured in a previous Bud Light commercial?

    But enough of the serious stuff, right?

    I say we raise a glass and toast Budweiser for the excellence that is this commercial. Just remember, if you decide to have more than a few glasses, don’t drive your Bentley home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky>Fedor View Post
    I prefer to drink piss rather than drink Budweiser
    So does Machida!

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    I'm a Modelo man these days.

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