Ok guys haven't posted on this thread for a while. Been working my BJJ pretty hard. I am also coaching basketball so it is getting hard to get in for both. I am wanting cool vids if anyone has links. I like Marcello Garcia. I also like working a high guard, and not just my legs high, but one where i am close to having a triangle/armbar (watch first round of bart p's last fight).

I was getting swept quite a bit when in halfguard (on top of course), but I think I solved this b/c I get relaxed on my underhooks. I need work on my guard, either opening up more, or attacking more, but i have to quit staying in closed guard and playing handsy. I am getting better with my sweeps.

Anyone got some cool vids with good definition?

Edit: in paragraph number 2 I said I solved this, but I still have problems when people have their knee in my side (from their half guard, while on their side in an offensive position).