As a few of you may know from other threads, I've been training BJJ for a few months now and I'm looking to compete some time in the next 6 months, just to see where I'm at, and to get some experience.

Also, in the last couple of years I've lost quite a lot of weight, going from about 215lbs to 155/159lbs (it varies). I'm now quite lean, but could still lose a little bit of fat. At my lightest I was 10stones 8 (148lbs) but have put a bit back on (as most people seem to).

Just looking at the stnadard BJJ weight classes, it appears like I could compete at featherweight (154lbs) or light feather (141lbs), and was wondering if anybody have advice for this.

I was just wondering if anybody have any experience of weight cutting, and whether it would be worth me cutting for BJJ where size isn't such an issue as it is in wrestling/MMA.

Should I cut, or stay at around 155?