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Thread: Evans VS Cormier 205

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    Default Evans VS Cormier 205

    Rashad Evans Vs Daniel Cormier at 205 who takes this? Im going to go with Rashad based strictly off speed
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    Good fight. DC typically enjoys a very good speed advantage at HW, where he wouldnt at LHW. His power would help a lot... Evans also wouldnt have too much height and reach on him... but that in itself should be alarming as far as DC's ultimate LHW prospects go. Evans would still be bigger as far as reach and height go...

    This particular matchup really favors DC, even though their skills are similar so it could go either way.

    But Im not one to buy it when people say that "DC would destroy anyone at LHW" especially Jones who would have a massive reach on him... And even with his great wrestling... Some of the top guys at LHW have excellent TDD....

    Someone like Machida could catch DC if they were to fight. Rashad and DC have a similar skill set, but Lyoto's in and out style with creating a lot of angles, throwing a lot of feints and diverse attack would give him a ton of problems...

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    DC has a lot of question marks at 205 that he doesn't have at HW. At HW we know he is a Top 5 HW. But at LHW, how will the weight cut treat him? Will he still keep his speed? How about his strength (which is really underrated)? Will his KO power translate down to the LHW division?

    I would want to see DC fight at least once or twice down at 205 before seeing him fight a Top 5 LHW like Evans. Until those questions are answered I do not see how anyone could pick DC to win.
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