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Thats not childish disdain. That is actually holding the UFC title to a high standard. So I will ask yet again. Was there ever talk about Sonnen fighting Jones in a non-title fight? Did this ever come up? How can I not get an answer on this? Do that many people actually think its more acceptable to give a guy a title shot just for being there?
I think you're not getting an answer because none of us are sure. I haven't seen anything in the press about a non-title fight, but I also haven't search exhaustively.

Though all of this is pointless for two reasons:

1. Jones said he turned down the fight due to lack of preparation, not the legitimacy of Sonnen. So, no, you don't get to substitute Jones' explanation with one you prefer.

2. Jones got his title shot with no legitimate top-10 wins. Period. He was a phenom even then and we all saw it. But he didn't earn it. He got it because no one else stepped up and DW saw something in him. The LEAST he could do is humor DW when the same situation arises while Jones is the title holder.