Dana White Hopes Boxing Continues to Do Great Numbers; Won't Play Bob Arum's Game | MMAWeekly.com
Last weekend, a middleweight title fight between Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. pulled in upwards of 475,000 pay-per-view buys, which were great numbers for HBO and the boxing community.

White watched the fight and says he was happy to see boxing pull big numbers on pay-per-view. The rise and success of the UFC doesnít come at the cost of boxing says White, and heís more than supportive a sport he still loves.

ďIím happy for them. Whenever boxing does good things and they pull killer pay-per-view (numbers), Iím always watching to see what they do on pay-per-view. And Iím not like those (expletives), they did this much, Iím happy for them. I want to see combat sports do better,Ē White said following UFC 152 on Saturday.

ďI want to see boxing pull bigger numbers.Ē

White explains that his willingness to support boxing is the biggest difference between him and boxing promoter Bob Arum, who slams MMA any chance he gets.

ďIím not Bob Arum that crusty (expletive). Iím not out there smashing everything we do, and saying negative things about boxing. Boxing is (expletive) great itís an incredible sport. I wouldnít be sitting here right now if it wasnít for the sport of boxing,Ē White stated.

ďIím not going to play Bob Arumís little (expletive) game.Ē

Over the past few years, boxing has gone head to head with UFC events a number of times. The next major head-to-head night will be on Dec 8 when UFC on Fox 5 takes place in Seattle, while on the same night Manny Pacquaio battles Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time.

Itís a formula that White is used to seeing, and something that boxing has done for years. There were even times when boxing would go head-to-head with other boxing shows, just to try and go after the competition.

ďThatís what they do, they went head to head the same night on TV. Theyíre crazy,Ē said White.

No matter what, White remains a big boxing fan and he will surely be tuning in to see Manny Pacquiaoís next fight right after he wraps up UFC on Fox 5. He says heíll always follow the Ďsweet scienceí and no amount of poking and prodding from promoters like Bob Arum will make him change his mind.

ďBob (Arum) is a (expletive). For some reason he hates the fact that this sport is doing well, other guys are able to make money, other athletes are able to perform and do great things,Ē said White.

ďFor some reason that bothers that old bastard.Ē