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Thread: Would Pat Barry be a contender at LHW?

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    The problem is not that he is undersized. The problem is that he is extremely weak in the ground game and his chin is not very good either.

    He weighs about 240 pounds, he is heavier than JDS or Cain.
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    A fight against Vera or Rampage makes me tingle.
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    A fight against Vera or Rampage makes me tingle.
    Yes... Vera vs. Barry would be a great kickboxing showcase and against rampage it could turn into a brawl...

    His legkicks would be nightmare for page, but rampage's huge power could also be a big problem for his chin.

    I like the idea of him at LHW... he would not be a contender but has some great fights for him there...

    The UFC should look to push him there...

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    I'm not sure Pat's cardio is stellar to begin with. He uses his hard kicks to buy himself time between attacks and shows some slowness in a way that makes me think at 205 he'd have nothing in the tank.

    But I agree that Barry/Page would be a weird and fun matchup!

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    Yeah, those are all great hypothetical fights but that's all they are. Barry is built like a brick shit house so if Rampage or Vera ever do fight him it'll be at heavyweight.

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    I think Barry is to big to cut down. And he would still be to short at LHW.
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