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Thread: Mitrione explains why he turned down Cormier bout

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    He doesn't belong in the UFC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JUBAE View Post
    He doesn't belong in the UFC.
    Mitrione or Cormier?
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    I get that Mitrione would lose and he's not even close to being a competitive match for DC. What really pisses me off I guess is the continuing trend of guys deciding who they fight. This just happened to be the next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    I never thought I'd be arguing for Zuffa to have more control, but the whole concept of fighters turning down fights smacks of nonsense to me. Particularly when you get to middle tier guys--and one who just lost to a B-level fighter--like Mitrione.

    I can make some degree of exception because Matt was already under contract for another fight, but the whole concept is disappointing.


    I could be wrong but I don't think Mitrione is doing MMA for the money. He doesn't need to take an ass kicking to please Uncle Dana unlike most other B level fighters that have to say yes.
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    Does anyone think Meathead would even have a chance? Im a huge meathead fan and I'd bet against him on this one. Yes there is something about turning down fights but Jon Jones is a title holder/one of the best in the world, mitrione is struggling to make it as well as coming off a loss to check freaking kongo. He had no place in that fight from a match up stand point and a ticket selling point.

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    The UFC brings this on themselves. They have the fighters so worried about being cut after 3 losses (just an example), that the fighters are utilizing their right to turn down a fight. I don't blame them. It's their career. I'm not saying I agree with the choice of turning down a fight, but if the option is there, use it. The UFC wants you to take fights on short notice but then they will cut you if you lose 3 in a row. Yeah, they might "take care" of you for that fight, but if you knock off 3 losses, then you're out. Not to mention that it could halt any chances of working up to title contention (not saying Mittrione was). It's almost like they are throwing some of these fighters to the wolves and just expect them to step up no matter what.

    I don't know....the whole system is screwed up IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    This was lose/lose for Mitrione anyway.
    So if he win's and beats a top contender that's a lose? The SF title doesn't mean sh*t but moving up the ladder and pleasing DW and the UFC does.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearded Big Country View Post
    Does anyone think Meathead would even have a chance?
    Of course. I've seen too many fights and too many upsets over the years to ever think any fight is guaranteed.
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    So if he win's and beats a top contender that's a lose? The SF title doesn't mean sh*t but moving up the ladder and pleasing DW and the UFC does.
    He admittedly isn't even remotely ready for a top wrestler at this point.

    Also, with all due respect, what ladder does he move up?


    In reality, if Mitrione wins, DC moves way down and MM likely still stays on the outs because all he did was beat a SF fighter who many will claim overachieved.

    Do I believe that?


    Does pleasing Dana White achieve anything?

    Maybe....but I don't think it changes the fact that he has lost to Kongo and won't get anywhere closer to the top 10 and I don't think MOST people would put him above Rothwell, Hunt, or Browne.

    Maybe I'm being overly critical but I don't think this is a fight he can win or one that helps him very much if he does win. On top of that, it's a HUGE step back for DC who needs to be fighting a top 10 guy.
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    Have to poll the board here for a sec. I keep hearing people mention the Strikeforce HW belt, but to the best of my knowledge there IS NO heavyweight title in Strikeforce. Cormier won the HW GP title, but that's all. So that isn't going to be at stake in his next fight is it? Any ideas?

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