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Thread: Mitrione explains why he turned down Cormier bout

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    Quote Originally Posted by RearNakedStroke View Post
    Mitrione or Cormier?

    Mitrione. He tried to engage Tito in a streetfight, but when offered a real fight he turns it down and states basically that he knows his skill set is not up to par.

    IMO, to Mitrione, I agree, your skills are not up to par and you should find employment with a lower level mma company until they are up to par. During this time, it would be a good idea to grow up a bit, stop calling people out below your weight class, stop trying to engage professional fighters into a streetfight, etc.

    Cromier on the other hand is a beast. I think he's a top guy in the UFC when he arrives. I don't see many people other than JDS or Reem giving him much trouble. If he does move down to LHW, I can see him taking Jones out.
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    You do not say no to Dana White if you want to make a living.

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    Thanks Meat for confirming what we already knew.

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    I do not think Mitrione did anything bad.
    Anyone knows that Mitrione's ground game is pretty weak, as we saw in the Kongo fight. And everybody knows that Cormier is one of the best wrestlers in MMA.
    Cormier would take down Mitrione in the first 10 seconds and GnP him there until a ref stoppage. Mitrione knew that, so it made no sense to accept that fight.

    I have also read that Cormier proposed Pat Barry as an oponent. That is even more ridiculous, Pat Barry has probably the weakest ground game in the whole HW division.

    Why not make Werdum vs Cormier? That would be a good logical fight!
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