Dana doesn't rule out Batista joining UFC one day

“How old is Bautista? Is he not in the WWE any more? Why not?” UFC president Dana White asked Fighters Only when the prospect of Bautista’s move into MMA came up during a conversation at the weekend.

On learning that Bautista is 43 he said, “Hey good for him, man. If he can do it then good for him. I don’t know the guy or anything about him but if he can do it then good for him. Its cool, I think its great if other guys are getting involved in MMA and he wants to give it a shot.”

Fighters Only asked White several times whether Batista’s age would rule him out of ever being signed to the UFC. White digressed the first two times but answered equivocally on the third repetition.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t honestly answer that question. I would have to see what happens,” he said. “When Brock came to me and he was 1-0 and told me he wanted to fight I was like are you f--king crazy dude you’re gonna get killed over here. And the only reason I took him into the UFC was his wrestling background, you know?

"And its not even about me considering taking him on, its ‘will the athletic commission approve it?’ In the UFC you’re fighting tough guys, real guys, so the athletic commission would have to agree to it too. We always do the right thing and pick guys that we know aren’t gonna get outclassed and hurt really bad…

“I don’t know, its all speculation. I don’t know what would happen or what he is gonna do in his career. We will see.”
Dana doesn't rule out Batista joining UFC one day - Fighters Only