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Curious as to how you don't think the HW div. is not the best it has EVER been and who is so terrible that they set the proverbial bar so low. Not saying the entire div. is populated by nothing but world beaters but then what div. is?

As far as Dave getting in, my thoughts are if ANYone from any background gets enough credible wins and can pass a physical then why not?
The HW division has the lowest standards of any division simply because there are far less heavyweight fighters that exist. There's a reason they've done over a dozen TUF seasons and only two of them have had heavyweights. Even if you just look at the last 6 UFC cards the number of heavyweight fights is a fraction of every other division.

As for an examples, Jon Olav Einemo hadn't had a fight in over 5 years yet he was given a UFC contract. Granted he was a former BJJ World Champ, but 5 years is a long layoff.

Christian Morecraft only went 6-0 against journeyman, inexperienced opponents, & downright cans before his UFC debut.

James McSweeney was 3-4 before he was given a chance on TUF, won at the Finale to bring his record to 4-4, & then got 2 more UFC fights.

It doesn't take a lot to be given an opportunity at HW.