People Forgetting that 152 had Penn/R-Mac on the card. With that fight, I think the PPV numbers would have been the same, as Penn is still an above average PPV draw and R-Mac would have helped since he is Canadian and labeled as a "GSP Protege".

But with the numbers 152 brought in with Jones and Vitor, who are hyped tremendously by the UFC, and while the fight was made on short notice, I think the difference would have been 50k PPV buys had the fight been given more time to be advertised. I still believe neither guy is a huge PPV draw and neither can carry a PPV on their own without another PPV draw of a fighter.

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Really prefer to see the UFC cutback on the number of PPV's a year stack the cards up a bit more. They'll still end up making the same money in the long run as far as PPV's go. They pull in almost double or better the numbers on any halfways decent show they put out. They'd lose a little arena revenue maybe in the short term but that could be made up by only hitting major venues and cut back on the smaller arena shows for FX/Fuel shows.
"Currently, the UFC's FOX broadcast deal calls for four shows a year on FOX, eight on FX (including a pair of finales for "The Ultimate Fighter") and six on FUEL TV. Apart from the 18 shows on the FOX family of networks, the UFC, of course, does pay-per-view cards as part of its primary business model."

Basically the UFC PPV booking is the same, but with the FOX deal, they are contractually obligated to put on 18 FREE shows a year! They cant limit the number of free shows on FOX network and scaling back on PPV would hurt them financially, as the PPV buys are big source of their income.