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    edit: I meant Michael Johnson, sorry.

    When he came out in the 2nd round it really reminded me of Anderson Silva Vs Hendo in the 2nd round. They both came out with this look on their face like they were so pissed off and just started picking apart their opponent so fast. It is unbelievably rare for a fighter to get beat up so badly and come back and win in MMA. The phrase "mentality of a champion" comes to mind when I saw Johnson fight last night.

    On the other hand, I look at Browne's fight, where this is the first time the spotlight is really focused in on him and he starts the fight out by throwing stupid kicks without setting them up against an MMA veteran. I would call what Browne did a mental collapse, not unlucky. You can't seriously tell me that you guys think it was in his teams game plan to come out 5 seconds into the fight and throw shit like that? He was showing off and he paid for it.

    Michael could be a contender one day, Browne never will be, thats what I took from last nights fights.
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