White on fans booing flyweight fights: It's weird; I don't even know what to say

"Yeah, it's a little weird man. I think guys get 10-12 beers in them and expect guys to run out and do the windmill or something. It's a very important fight for both guys. Like he (John Dodson) said it was a technical fight, he waited, he got his opportunity, and he capitalized on it. That's fighting, that's the beauty of two of the best in the world going at it, you know? I don't even know what to say. Then he finished the fight and they were cheering. He gave them what they wanted to see at the end of the night. You can't just go out with that much on the line and run straight out like two freight trains and try to kill each other."

That seems to fly in the face of the philosophy he's always preached, including on the opening episode of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 when he told the contestants it's nice to win but it's better to be remembered for leaving it all out there.

As for Dodson, he was nicer about it.

"I can't sit there and hate on the fans for booing because of the fact that they got so spoiled in the beginning of the fights. There were so many knockouts, so many great back-and-forth battles, and also great submissions right before me and then I get out there and I'm being very technical, they're like 'you suck.' I had some hot blond come up to me with a smile and say, 'hey, you suck.' I was like 'yes, somebody says I suck.' That was my reaction to it. For me, I can't complain about them booing but I did give them a knockout so they started cheering afterwards."
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