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Do you think its because the division hasnt had enough time to grow? Or was it just the recent outcomes? Because the division has been around for a damn long time, and If Jon Jones can make a case for GOAT after three top 5 fights, why cant anyone else?
It's not about the division growing, there just hasn't been a dominant LW yet. You can't say Penn is the GOAT because Edgar beat him twice. You can't then say Edgar because he has lost to Henderson twice. Henderson hasn't had time to dominate yet so you can't pick him either. Will he? I don't know but I think the LW title is going to be a revolving door for a while.

I don't consider Jones in the running for GOAT yet either but I think the difference is that you can't find a guy who people think can beat him so it gets thrown out there prematurely. It's different with the LWs because you can't look at one of them and say, I don't see how anyone can beat this guy.

There may never be a GOAT at LW and there doesn't really need to be. It seems like everybody is jumping on this GOAT bandwagon lately and I'm not sure why. The only weight class you can look at and say we may be seeing the best ever is MW.