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Thread: As 'stress' and 'hype' eases, Rick Story ready for Demian Maia showdown at UFC 153

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    Default As 'stress' and 'hype' eases, Rick Story ready for Demian Maia showdown at UFC 153

    As 'stress' and 'hype' eases, Rick Story ready for Demian Maia showdown at UFC 153

    Rick Story admits he wasn't 'seasoned' enough to handle the 'hype' and 'stress' of co-main event and late replacement fights as he heads into UFC 153 showdown with Demian Maia.
    Speaking top, Story revealed he wasn't quite ready for all the "stress" and "hype" involved in co-main events, saying that he wasn't "seasoned" enough to handle all the pressures that comes with late replacements and media obligations.

    "Taking fights on short notice is definitely not something I was prepared to do. Even though I was in shape, all the hype and stress and interviews and everything like that, it's normally something you work yourself into, but with me, I got a dump truck load of all-new stress put right on my shoulders. It would have been cool if I would have been seasoned enough to have been able to handle that, but I'm chalking it up as a learning experience because I wasn't seasoned, and wasn't used to all the interviews and all the pressures that it takes to be a main event or co-main event."
    Looking to establish another win streak, Story will take on the crafty and dangerous Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace, Demian Maia, this weekend (Oct. 13, 2012) at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Facing one of the best submission artists in the world, Story knows the ground game is a dangerous one to play against the former Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) winner.

    "Demian's one of the best on the ground in the world, I expect (him) to be trying to take it to the ground and bring it to his strength. I'm not opposed to going to the ground, but I don't want to play into his strengths. If I'm there, and he gets me to the ground or I get him to the ground, I'm going to be trying to put some punishment on him, that's for sure."
    As 'stress' and 'hype' eases, Rick Story ready for Demian Maia showdown at UFC 153 in Brazil -

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    I would absolutley love it if Maia sub'd Storey. Its not that I dislike Storey, I just really like Maia. Id love to see Maia start tapping guys out again, and Storey loves to control the ground game.

    Ill be pulling for the 2nd or 3rd round Sub by Maia after getting his ass handed to him in rd 1.

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    Story's only lost via decisions against solid competition, but Maia is far and away the greatest grappler he's fought. Homeboy is gettin' subbed.

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