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Feel bad for Mayhem...

You have to look at it from his perspective... He failed, He wanted nothing more than to succeed in the UFC... Lost 2 fights and was thrown out... Also having a public dispute with the Boss throughout... Which is almost a guarantee that he will never get another shot...

I dont agree with his actions, but feel he was wronged for all the criticism he got. He did well against Bisping in the first round before he gassed or had a adrenaline dump, or whatever his case was.... and fought CB with a blown knee, of course he was going to lose that.

Mayhem may not have taken everything seriously in his life, but one thing he did was his training... everybody he knows told you that... It is is passion, and to fail like he did would be devastating to anyone.

I agree, expect Ariel does get out of place often. He will pick at fighters and try to instigate... That is part of being a reporter, but when you are dealing with fighters, some backlash is to be expected.

I wish Mayhem would have shut him down when he was laughing at him.
Your post is wildly ridiculous. How can you condone his terrible performances? If anybody was wronged, it was us for believing in him. How could his passion have been his training when his terrible cardio fueled his awful performances to seal his fate?

Listen to yourself: "He did well against Bisping in the first round before he gassed."

"The team was doing so well until they lost."

"I was doing well eating that sandwich until it fell on the floor."

"I was doing well with sex until I didn't pull out and had an unwanted child."

And fighters are some sort of sub-race of human, incapable of doing interviews without their testicles, brimming with testosterone, getting in the way of their words before they eventually see red and just want to smash things? That's to be expected?

You could have put the most vile of smut in a picture-in-picture box to tempt me during his interview and I STILL wouldn't have been able to get past the first minute. I'm glad this whole downward spiral revealed to us the person he truly is.