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You don't know anything about him, yet you are making an assumption about him. How intelligent is that?

Do you know why he is a vegan?

If you don't want to talk out of your ass and actually want to know who he is then:

#267 - Mac Danzig, Brian Redban from JoeRogan on Vimeo.


Whoa bro wtf is with the hate lol? All I said is "Mac Danzig is straight up Vegan" is referance to someone saying "Why would Danzig eat healthy but shoot up steroids?"

Saying that I dont know anything about him purely becuse of that statement is fucked up lol. Your usually a pretty cool dude so Im just going to assume you were on your period or something.

But anyways From what I know Mac Danzig eats healthy, am I wrong?

I dont have to watch a fucking 3 hour interview or else im 'talking out of my ass", do a simple web search and you can find tons of articles relating to Mac Danzig eating good and his Vegan beliefs.

Am I a vegan specialist? Not even close. If you are, why dont you inform me with some class?

And "why is he a vegan?", I dont know. I guess I dont know anything about him and im just talking out of my ass eh? Eventho Ive seen tons of interviews with him regarding his photography/music taste. Ever notice how we(Me n Mac) have the same taste in music?

I thought I was a pretty big Danzig fan, but I guess I dont know "shit" and im not a fan at all because I cant receit his diet and his vegan beliefs.

Anyways I Hope your having a better day.

I never said anything like that. My point is that Danzig is a vegan for reasons beyond/other than animal cruelty from what I recall, it's the "clean" thing. So I doubted that he would really do that while taking steroids as others were suggesting.
Your messing with the encyclopedia of Veganism and the author of Mac Danzigs autobiography, dont waste your time.