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Thread: Sonnen: Jones was warned

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    Default Sonnen: Jones was warned

    Sonnen: Jones was warned

    Here's the bottom line, he should not have been pressured into this. I did everything I could to warn this guy. I told him ‘Hey I'm coming to the division' and he should have packed up and left it. He talked about going to heavyweight and he should have done it because now he's waited too long and the man has arrived."

    "Listen, here is what you need to know. This show [The Ultimate Fighter] has some tremendous young talent on it. I will be taking 50 percent of that talent and teaching them how to fight. The other half is going to be taught how to be selfish, entitled brats like Jones. The good news is that when it is all over, I'm sure Coach Jones will throw a hell of an after-party."

    "What you need to know, Todd, and what Jon already knows, is that I got the biggest arms, I got the greatest charm and I do the most harm. I'm better than Jon Jones, I'm better than Sean Combs and I'm better than John Holmes. And little Jon Jon, the little leprechaun, has my belt I'm coming to take."
    Sonnen: Jones was warned - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Greg Jackson: ‘TUF 17’ Will Toughen Jon Jones; Chael Sonnen Not a ‘Gimme’ Fight for UFC Champ

    “I certainly don’t think it would be a wise strategy to get Jon really mad, but that’s something [Sonnen will] have to decide for himself. When you get into Jon’s face, that’s definitely when he performs the best, for sure,” Jackson said during his Tuesday appearance on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Cheap Seats” program. “[Jones is] very articulate, and he gets right to the point. It’s just that trash-talking isn’t usually his thing, but Jon is going to be one of the greatest fighters ever. That’s my belief. He’s something special, and he’s going to be at the top of the heap.”

    While many might shy away from an opportunity to engage in a war of words with Sonnen -- a man known for his pre-fight banter -- Jones’ head trainer believes that the experience of going tete-a-tete with the two-time middleweight title challenger will only make “Bones” stronger.

    “One thing about Jon Jones is that he is incredibly mentally tough. I think he’s going to learn from it and grow from it,” said Jackson. “You never want to underestimate Jon, because he is so mentally strong and very smart. I think it’s just going to make him tougher, especially mentally, to have to deal with all the stuff that will come along with the show.”

    During the show’s taping, Jackson says he will play a similar role as he has in the past when one of his fighters has snagged a coaching gig on the UFC’s long-running series.

    “What I did to help out Rashad [Evans] and [Georges St. Pierre] was to come in and set up the structure and then let the other coaches -- who are much better than I am -- let them shine,” said Jackson. “Then, when I had a little time, I would come in and help out here and there, and that’s probably what’s going to happen again. I just don’t have the time to spend away from Albuquerque. There are too many people on our team counting on me and [Mike] Winkeljohn [for either of us] to go anywhere for any extended period of time.”

    Regarding the actual title fight, some have written Sonnen off as a non-threat to Jones’ throne, an opinion with which Jackson does not agree.

    “I always feel that everybody has a legitimate chance, because it’s MMA. It [may not be] very likely, but there is no such thing as 100 percent. You have to believe that, because you have to stay hungry,” said Jackson. “If you [think], ‘Well, I’m just going to beat this guy,’ that’s usually the time that you get beat yourself. My job is just to make sure that we can get those chances as much as we can into Jon’s favor.

    “Sonnen is a great fighter. I’ve been in the trenches against Sonnen several times and seen what he is capable of when he is on, and [I’ve seen] what he does well. I would never disrespect Sonnen by saying, ‘Jon will roll right over this guy. That’s a gimme fight.’ Those fights don’t exist,” Jackson continued. “I’ve been a veteran of this sport for 20 years. I’ve done more corners than anybody, by far. I’ve seen examples of things that we should have 100-percent won -- just walked over people -- and it’s either a tough fight, or we lose.”

    Jackson also believes that Sonnen’s style presents unique challenges when compared with fighters against which Jones has previously competed in the Octagon.

    “[Sonnen is] a heavy pressure fighter. He gets inside your range really well. People like Rashad are amazing fighters, but they play on the outside and then hit these wicked, very fast shots. Sonnen is a guy who is left-handed, and he brings a different kind of style than what Jon has faced before, which is exciting for both myself and Jon,” said Jackson. “[Sonnen’s] grinding, in-your-face style can be nullified. There’s no doubt we can nullify it, but it is a little bit different than everybody thinks it is. Losing to Anderson Silva twice doesn’t mean that [Sonnen] is washed up or that he’s not effective as a fighter. He’s actually a very good fighter, and he deserves a lot of respect.”

    Evans OK with Jones-Sonnen fight, but admits 'it's not the same for everybody'

    "For the most part, I commend the UFC for making the fights happen that the people love to see," Evans told FUEL TV's "UFC Toinight." "But as a fighter, I was like, 'Man, what's it gonna take for me to get a chance to get back up in there?' I wanted to fight Anderson (Silva), but it didn't end up happening because they said I needed one more fight to be a contender at middleweight. But I guess it's not the same for everybody."

    Evans toyed with the notion of dropping to middleweight after his UFC 145 unanimous-decision loss to Jones. But he apparently would not have been given the same kind of immediate title shot that Sonnen gets against Jones when the two are done coaching off each other on "The Ultimate Fighter."
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    Jon Jones Believes It's Time for Closure to the Chael Sonnen Invasion of His Career |

    “I’m trying to move forward and do a lot of amazing things and the UFC 151 cancellation, it was a tough moment in my career.

    “I think beating Chael Sonnen, and after that beating Dan Henderson, would help me have closure to that whole situation. I think that’s what this is really about for me, putting closure to the Chael Sonnen invasion of my career and the whole 151 situation.”

    Jones added that declining the short-notice fight had nothing to do with a lack of confidence in believing he would defeat Sonnen. Jones is confident in his skills and makes no bones about seeing himself as a championship fighter, but he doesn’t see Sonnen in the same vein.

    “I’m a championship fighter and I don’t think Chael’s really a guy that knows how to win championships. I believe in every way, shape and form that I will beat Chael.”

    Ask and you shall receive: Chael Sonnen explains how he swindled Jon Jones title shot

    "Let's be clear. Nobody said Chael clearly doesn't deserve anything. Let's understand, not one of those fighters said "Hey Dana, I'll fight Chael." I called every one of those bastards out and I've got no problem slapping any one of them around including the Karate Kid. The only fighter to call Jon Jones out is me. Nobody calls me out and I never get hurt. They can whine all they want but not one of them has stepped up. They get jealous or envious of an opportunity but they never go out to the mound and make the call. I wanted it and I got it. I talked a cat out of a tree earlier today. At the end of it all, Ariel, good for me and chalk one more up for the bad guy."

    Jon Jones isn’t worried about ‘disrespectful’ Chael Sonnen’s wrestling or ‘weak’ ground-and-pound

    "I've faced plenty of wrestlers like Vladimir Matyushenko, Jake O'Brien and Matt Hamill and had no problems. Chael is a decent wrestler. He was an Olympic alternate but he wasn't on the team. No disrespect to other alternates but he's not at that level. Who cares if he takes me down, he gets submitted all the time from top position anyways. I've wrestled since I was a 14 year old boy and I still love wrestling. I'm definitely prepared. If he does take me down, so what? His ground and pound is weak and he gets submitted all the time. If I do get him down, his face will open up. I feel I have nothing to worry about in wrestling. I have a slight edge in jiu-jitsu and I have a huge edge in kickboxing. I'm not intimidated by his power. I don't see any way Chael can win this fight but I'll still train like a madman. I'm ready to lay the smackdown for the things he said not only for the things he said not just about me but about other people and send him back to the movies."

    Though there isn't any love lost between the two, Jones actually does respect some things about Sonnen:

    "Chael's an interesting guy. I respect some things about him. He goes and gets what he wants except for world championships or any championships. He's a good talker and good for the sport in some ways. He's extremely disrespectful and not much of a championship level athlete at all. He'll be able to do his TV shows and commentating and all that. I'm doing Chael a favor by showing Chael what his true calling which is his gift of gab and not athletic talent."

    Lyoto Machida Baffled by UFC’s Decision to Pick Chael Sonnen

    “With all respect,but for me Chael does not deserve The title shot,I would like To know What He had done in LHW for deserve!!” Machida tweeted Wednesday.

    Jones On Sonnen: “I Don’t Think Chael’s A Guy Who Knows How To Win Championships”

    Chael’s an interesting guy,” Jones said when asked for his thoughts on Sonnen as a person. “He’s a good talker, he’s definitely good for the sport in some ways, he’s extremely disrespectful, not much of a championship level athlete at all, but you know he has his qualities. Most of his qualities are going to come to light when he’s retired so he can do his TV shows and commentating and things like that, so you know now I feel as if I’m doing a lot of people in the sport a favor, I’m doing Chael a favor by showing him what his true talent is and that’s using that gift of gab, not athletic talent.

    “…I respect some things about him. Like the way he – tries to go out there and you know gets what he wants. Everything except for world championships or any championships.”

    Jones opened as a huge betting favorite over Sonnen, and for good reason. The New York native is 17-1 as a professional and is one win away from tying Tito Ortiz’s UFC record for most consecutive light heavyweight title defenses at five. Sonnen, on the other hand, is coming off a second-round TKO loss to Anderson Silva and will fight at 205-pounds for the fight time in over five years when he meets Jones in April.

    Even though odds makers are counting Sonnen out, the wrestling abilities of the 35-year-old typically give him a chance in any fight. Jones, however, has never been taken down in his MMA career. With that being the case, does Jones believe Sonnen will be the first to put him on his back?

    “I don’t really have much pride in never being taken down, it just has never happened because of how seriously I take wrestling.” Jones explained. “Chael Sonnen definitely is a decent, a pretty good wrestler, but you know the guy was an Olympic alternate, he wasn’t actually on the team. So, no disrespect to any other alternates out there today but I don’t really consider him -Chael- as a Cael Sanderson or you know, a legit wrestler, I mean he was a freakin’ alternate, so maybe he will get me down, who cares if he does?

    “He gets submitted all the time in the top position anyways and, you know, I think I have a very solid jiu-jitsu game on my back and I’ve never been able to display it. So, I highly doubt his wrestling will play a gigantic factor in the fight. I wrestled since I was 14-year-old little boy, and I still wrestle everyday, I freakin’ love wrestling so I definitely prepare to use my takedowns against him. If he does get me down, so what? His ground-and-pound is very weak and he gets submitted all the time anyways so I don’t care if he takes me down I really don’t feel any threat on my back against Chael Sonnen and I know for a fact if I get him down his face is probably going to open up.”

    For someone who will fight one of the most successful takedown artists in the UFC today, Jones surely doesn’t appear too concerned about Sonnen’s wrestling abilities. But what about the rest of Sonnen’s skills? How does Jones see his talents stacking up against those of Sonnen?

    “I just think when it comes to wrestling, I have nothing to worry about. When it comes to jiu-jitsu, I think I have a slight edge in jiu-jitsu. When it comes to kickboxing, I know I have a friggin’ edge in kickboxing. His punching power on his feet is nothing crazy, mine’s nothing crazy. I’m not intimidated by his kicks, I mean I really don’t see any way Chael can win this fight but I’m still going to train like an absolute madman because losing to Chael is not an option.

    “I’m going to treat him like he’s the biggest opponent I’ve ever had, I’m absolutely ready to smack down on his for a lot of the things he’s said about other people not even me. And I’m just ready to send this guy to retirement, send him to the movies.”

    Even with the fight over six-months away, Jones appears highly motivated to, in his words; move on with this chapter of his career against Sonnen. When the two do meet in April, the fight may not be viewed as the most competitive of match ups, but it will certainly garner as much, if not more attention than either man has ever received.

    With increased attention comes increased pressure to perform. When “Bones” makes the walk to the octagon to fight Sonnen next year, one major factor will make the difference in Jones’ opinion – he is a championship fighter while Sonnen is not.

    “I absolutely know I can beat Chael and I’m feeling very confident going into this fight…” Jones said. “I just need to use all my skillset – all my youth, all my versatility and I’m a championship fighter, you know, and I don’t think Chael’s a guy who knows how to win championships.

    “With that said I believe in every way, shape and form that I will beat Chael.”
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    This is exactly what MMA needs, more WWE.

    Credibility is for posers.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

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    Good lord the UFC has lost

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    I'm sure Sonnen will say some funny things, but whatever he says is completely meaningless. I don't think anyone including Chael thinks he has a shot of winning this and I really don't think anyone believes he deserves the shot.

    This may have been okay to do for a last minute replacement fight, but to actually put this on paper and plan it out and pretend like this is legit? Hell, Bonnar/Silva made more sense than this and they are in two different weight classes and that was just to save a ppv.

    ZUFFA is putting FOX ahead of everything as a priority. I have really enjoyed all the free fights due to the FOX deal but really, it has hurt the overall product by watering down ppvs and then this obvious ratings whore attempt to save TUF.
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    Its funny that Chael would say he has more to offer coaching than Jon. Jones and Chael have very similar skill sets except Jon has better striking and jitz and a better pool of people to use as assistant coaches and a title. If WWE had a version of TUF, Chael would be the muhammad ali of coaches. Chael won't give two shits about his fighters, he's there to improve his own brand as a loud mouth, down to fight anyone-anytime. Jones will pretend to care about his fighters but is there to improve his image from the selfish, awkward MMA version of Claire Daines from My So Called Life. This is going to be a 10 week lame soap opera followed by a 8 minute massacre. Thanks for promoting legitimacy Dana.

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    6 months of this shit...great.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
    I rode a horse. Banged in a hot spring.
    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    It'll be entertaining.

    That being said, the big fight is Silva / Jones.

    Boxing's big fight is Manny / Floyd.

    We'll never see either.
    "I think everybody up here is grateful to be on FOX. They'd probably say, 'FOX, thanks.' Everybody but me. I would say, 'FOX, you're welcome. You've been telling everybody for years you've got the American Idol, and now you finally do.'" Chael Sonnen

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    6 months of this shit...great.
    Aren't you fuckin excited!!!!!??????
    Jones Era >> Machida Era
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    What a slap in the face for Hendo/Machida/every single other LHW in the UFC

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