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Thread: Anderson Silva Professes Itís Tougher to Stay at the Top Than to Get There

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    Default Anderson Silva Professes Itís Tougher to Stay at the Top Than to Get There

    Anderson Silva Professes Itís Tougher to Stay at the Top Than to Get There

    ďI never thought this, I just wanted to be as good as my coaches because at that time things werenít as glamorous as they are now. We only had one event which was Pride and they didnít have my category, there wasnít my division, you didnít have my weight class in Pride. So, I always try to find my space, try to be better than I am everyday, but I didnít have this thing of being a champion, so I just wanted to be better than I used to be the day before,Ē Silva said on Thursday.

    ďNow that Iím here Iím aware thereís a lot of responsibility behind this and I remember everyday where I came from, where I am and where I intend to get to.Ē

    Silva had to earn his spot to even land in the UFC, but once he got there he left the middleweight division and a couple of light heavyweights in the wake of his destruction like something out of a Terminator film.

    Getting there was tough, but Silva says maintaining his spot as the best in the world has been even tougher.

    ďI think staying where we are, at the time where we are, to just continue winning to remain as the champion is more difficult,Ē Silva stated.

    ďUntil you get here you find many problems that you face, you have many difficulties, but Iím lucky that everything has worked out.Ē

    There is a certain hunger that a fighter needs to scratch, claw and climb their way to the top, but it takes an even deeper devotion to being the best to stay there.

    Silvaís reign as middleweight champion will have lasted six years as of Oct 14, 2012 with 10 consecutive defenses. No other fighter has even come close to that in UFC history, and itís a mark that every champion will aspire to reach.

    Itís taken a lifetime of dedication for Silva to stay on top, and if he has his way, things wonít be changing any time soon.

    ďI think the most difficult thing is to stay there. People are demanding things from you all the time, you always have to be focused, and concentrated for anything that might happen,Ē Silva said.

    ďItís always much more difficult to stay there at the top than to get there.Ē
    Anderson Silva Professes It's Tougher to Stay at the Top Than to Get There |
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    Certain aspects I can agree with him as far as it being harder, but before you get there, the aspect of being broke is probably much harder.
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