Michael Bisping: I Donít Think Iím Going To Be Fighting For The Title Soon

ďTo be honest right now, I donít think Iím going to be fighting for the title soon.Ē Bisping said in an interview with MMA Elite. ďObviously Andersonís fighting this weekend against Stephan Bonnar and, you know, I think they want him to fight GSP. Anderson said this week as well his focus right now is on GSP so, weíll see, itís a little frustrating for myself but you know I just want to keep fighting whoever the UFC says Iíll fight and eventually Iíll get my shot, you know?Ē

ďJust keep beating guys eventually I will get my shot and I will be the champion.Ē

Some fighters in Bispingís position would wait on the sidelines to see how certain situations unfold, but not ďThe CountĒ. Bisping wants to get back in the cage immediately and continue to prove his worth and solidify his top contenders status.

ďHopefully itís not going to be a big long layoff,Ē said Bisping. ďIím hoping to get in there ASAP.Ē

Although the UFC middleweight division is arguably in its most competitive state in history, ďThe Ultimate FighterĒ season three winner is unsure of who he will be matched up with next as a majority of the top-10 fighters in his division are booked for fights before the end of the year.

ďRight now I mean all the contenders that I wanted to fight theyíve all got fights,Ē Bisping explained. ďAlan Belcherís fighting Okami, Iíd like to fight him. Chris Weidmanís fighting Tim Boetsch, Iíd like to fight Chris Weidman.

ďSo all the contenders theyíre all taken, theyíre all booked up, you know theyíre all ducking me, theyíre all avoiding me and listen, I just want to keep fighting I love what I do, I love being part of the UFC..Ē
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