.Last May, for the first time in 11 years, UFC President Dana White was nowhere to be found during a UFC event. As his two headliners, Chan Sung Jung and Dustin Poirier, engaged in what many considered to be the ‘Fight of the Year,' White was back home, watching UFC on FUEL 3 on television due to a rare inner ear condition called Meniere's disease, which cripples a person's hearing and balance centers, while also causing severe vertigo and a feeling of heavy pressure inside the ear.

Needless to say, between an endless flight schedule and supremely high stress level, White's lifestyle isn't exactly conducive to being sick. So it's not surprising that White has lobbying for corrective surgery for the better part of the last five months.

Doctors were initially reluctant to perform such major surgery on someone so young. However, that no longer seems to be the case.

"Saw the [doctor] today about my Meniere's and I'm getn [sic] the surgery when I get home from Brazil!!!!!" White tweeted late Thursday night.

According to WedMD, surgery for Meniere's disease is highly invasive and can result in permanent damage to an individual's hearing. During the procedure, doctor's essentially cut the nerve inside one's ear that controls hearing and balance. White has talked about the surgery in the past, and how it requires a minimum of three weeks of intensive rehab to relearn basic motor functions, such as walking.

None of this sounds pleasant at all, so we wish Dana good luck and good health in advance of next week.
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