pretty good card i must say. really thought the main card was pretty entertaining from top to bottom.

i'm not the biggest fitch fan and i've probably given him more shit than most posters here, but he really won me over tonight. i won't say i'm a fan, but i respect him much more. was an exciting fight. can't believe i just typed exciting and fitch all in the same paragraph.

i'd like to see fitch get back in there against a name fighter.. maia was really impressive too and those two would make a pretty entertaining grappling match i think.. i hope fitch continues to keep fighting to finish. i think that was evident tonight. erik silva has plenty of time to learn and grow. i think this fight will make him even stronger.

big nog armbarring pee wee was fucking awesome.. i kept wishing for him to announce his retirement afterward. would would be a great way for him to finish his iconic career. with a bjj submission in brazil over an american who said bjj doesn't work. crowd went apeshit when he won. really loved seeing that.

anderson is the greatest. i'm probably one of the biggest fedor nuthuggers here, but anderson is the greatest. he's just something else. he wasn't even trying.

i think i'd like to see him finish up the strikeforce 185ers (rockhold, jacare) then maybe call it a career if he doesn't want to fight jones. at this point, i think he's earned not fighting bones if he doesn't want to. either way, i'll watch everytime he fights.

pretty good night of fights... feel good about mma right now.