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I still don't understand why Silva won't fight Jones (besides the fact he wants to retire undefeated in the UFC so is only taking easy fights).

Silva looked much better against Bonner and Belfort than Jones did (although, Jones has improved a lot since Bonner fought him). Belfort/Henderson/Sonner are all willing to fight Jones and got destroyed by Silva.

In the past I said Jones would destroy Silva, but I am not so sure now after watching last nights fight. Yes, Bonnar is not top 10 LHW, but he is a good gatekeeper and Silva didn't even have to try in that fight, it looked like he was playing with his nephew.

After watching the fight last night, does anyone think GSP has a shot? I think training for Sonnen 2 has drastically improved Silva's take down defence. GSP gets KO'ed in the 1st round in that fight.
I agree with you as well. Jones has kind of leveled out a bit. He didn't look that great against Rashad or Belfort while Silva has looked great lately, and he seems to beat common opponents more easily.

Don't think the fight would happen, and I think Silva, like everyone else, would have trouble with the reach. But, I think his wrestling has improved enough that he would be able to defend against the takedowns fairly well. I think the fight would be a lot more competitive then people are saying.

However, I'm not sure GSP would be competitive at all anymore. He's looked kind of flat in recent performances and has been unable to train due to injuries for a long time now. Meanwhile, Silva has improved drastically.