Rory MacDonald Says GSP Didnít Need Any More Advice on How to Fight Carlos Condit

One person who also works with St-Pierre that has a little extra inside knowledge about Condit is his teammate at the Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Rory MacDonald.

MacDonald fought Condit at UFC 115 in 2010 and after controlling the first two rounds, the young Canadian found out what kind of will his opponent truly had inside him. Condit came back firing in the third round and finished MacDonald with strikes, handing him the only loss of his pro career.

It was a lesson learned, and one MacDonald says still serves as the most important fight heís had in his career.

ďGrow as a fighter big time,Ē MacDonald said about learning from the loss to Carlos Condit.

ďIt was the most important fight of my career so far, as far as growth, it opened my eyes to a lot of things, changed my outlook and itís made me very hungry.Ē

The hunger has resulted in three straight victories as he approaches his next fight at UFC on Fox 5 against former welterweight champion B.J. Penn.

Still as MacDonald prepares for his fight and St-Pierre prepares for Condit, the young Canadian doesnít feel the need to offer his teammate any extra advice for his upcoming title fight.

MacDonald believes St-Pierre is well aware of the challenge in front of him, and thereís no extra tips he could provide that would give him an added element of surprise.

ďNot really, no,Ē MacDonald answered when asked if he was offering advice to St-Pierre regarding Condit.

ďI think Georges doesnít need any more people in his ear. I think if Georges fights the way Georges fights, heíll have no problem. He doesnít need me to tell him tips or anything. Heíll react to whatís in there. Heíll do great.Ē
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