I can't say I didn't see this one coming. It appears that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be making a move into making movies soon, and he'll be doing it next to his good buddy Steven Seagal. Anderson recently told Estadao (via Fighters Only) that he has received a script for a cop movie with Seagal, and he'll be filming in the US starting soon:

"I will make a lot of fight scenes and this is also the first time I will act. I received a long plot and I will have the opportunity of putting in practice what I have been studying for some time".

Apparently Silva, who already has a bunch of commercials on his resume, has been working on his acting with his director friend Johnny Araujo:

"Actually, he found out this side of me. I can say that he was my mentor in the acting art. He has been helping me so much with it and I will prepare myself each time more in order to make it well done", he promises.

"I don’t want to be seen as somebody who caught the role because I am on the media and to be a fighter. Of course it is difficult, I am not Lorenzo Lamas, but I want to do it well done to the people see that I am a good actor."

Lorenzo Lamas? Okay. Kind of an obscure reference there, but whatever. If this movie ever sees the light of day (Seagal's mostly a straight-to-DVD guy now, if that), it should be amusing. 100 bucks says the Nogueiras get a cameo somehow.
Anderson Silva to star in cop movie with Steven Seagal - Bloody Elbow