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Thread: Anderson Silva to star in cop movie with Steven Segal

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    Default Anderson Silva to star in cop movie with Steven Segal

    I can't say I didn't see this one coming. It appears that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be making a move into making movies soon, and he'll be doing it next to his good buddy Steven Seagal. Anderson recently told Estadao (via Fighters Only) that he has received a script for a cop movie with Seagal, and he'll be filming in the US starting soon:

    "I will make a lot of fight scenes and this is also the first time I will act. I received a long plot and I will have the opportunity of putting in practice what I have been studying for some time".

    Apparently Silva, who already has a bunch of commercials on his resume, has been working on his acting with his director friend Johnny Araujo:

    "Actually, he found out this side of me. I can say that he was my mentor in the acting art. He has been helping me so much with it and I will prepare myself each time more in order to make it well done", he promises.

    "I don’t want to be seen as somebody who caught the role because I am on the media and to be a fighter. Of course it is difficult, I am not Lorenzo Lamas, but I want to do it well done to the people see that I am a good actor."

    Lorenzo Lamas? Okay. Kind of an obscure reference there, but whatever. If this movie ever sees the light of day (Seagal's mostly a straight-to-DVD guy now, if that), it should be amusing. 100 bucks says the Nogueiras get a cameo somehow.
    Anderson Silva to star in cop movie with Steven Seagal - Bloody Elbow

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    He's clearly ducking Jean Claude Van Damme

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    ...and here I was just thinking "you know what the world needs?" and I answered "Another stephen segal movie."

    ...and then I thought "you know what the only thing that could make that better would be?" and again, I answered--because I do talk to myself sometimes--I said "If Anderson Silva were in it." And I said it out loud.

    I feel dumb for voting today, because clearly the world is kicking ass all by itself without my assistance.

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    At least Rampage's movie had legit actors in it. All those Page haters saying how he was a traitor to the UFC for doing movies better step up here too.

    I honestly expected to click this thread and it be a joke... if it wasn't easy enough to hate Anderson as it is...

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    Noobjack horseshit. Where is the relevance toAnderson's or Segal's performance in the cage ? Oh wait about that Segal comment........
    Thats right bitches, gonna have to bling out the other hand soon...

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    I am stoked!

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    i dont know how i feel about this lol. One cant speak English and the other cant speak Portuguese. This is going to be another Rush Hour but less.. uhm good?
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    lorenzo lamas? as in The Renegade? circa my elementary school days i dont know about this maybe the spider could teach seagal how to cut weight for this movie then maybe it will kick ass. i'd rather see the roy jones jr showdown

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    His first foray into acting? I call BS!

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