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Thread: If GSP vs. Anderson Silva Happens, All But a Lock to Be First UFC at Cowboys Stadium

  1. Default If GSP vs. Anderson Silva Happens, All But a Lock to Be First UFC at Cowboys Stadium

    If GSP vs. Anderson Silva Happens, All But a Lock to Be First UFC at Cowboys Stadium |

    It’s a superfight that’s been talked about for years, but it appears closer to reality now than ever before.

    UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will travel to Montreal next week with the hope that welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will defeat Carlos Condit, and then he’ll head into the Octagon to challenge the Canadian to a fight in 2013.

    If the fight becomes reality, it will likely be the biggest fight in UFC history, and UFC president Dana White knows it.

    That’s why the UFC has targeted three likely destinations for the potential superfight, although one spot seems to stand out in front of the others.
    “There’s three great venues that you could do; we could go to Toronto, huge stadium there, Dallas Texas Stadium, or you could do a soccer stadium in Brazil. So those are our three options. We’ll see where it ends up,” White said on Wednesday.
    In Toronto, the Rogers Centre would be the venue that could house a superfight like Silva vs. St-Pierre, and already held a huge event when the UFC traveled there in April 2011 for UFC 129. That event packed more than 55,000 fans into the Rogers Centre for the card, also headlined by Canada’s own St-Pierre.

    Doing a show in a soccer stadium in Brazil has also been on the radar for UFC officials for some time, but White has often said that doing an outdoor show is extremely tough, and not their favorite idea in the world.

    That leaves Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, affectionately known as “Jerry World” or “Jerry Jones’ Billion Dollar Playpen,” after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

    The UFC has toyed with the idea of doing a show at Cowboys Stadium for several years, and while the other two venues mentioned could still happen, it’s almost a lock that if Silva vs. St-Pierre becomes a reality, the fight is headed to Texas.

    “If Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva were to happen, that’s a fight you could do at Cowboys Stadium,” said White.
    The UFC and officials from Cowboys Stadium have already talked in the past, and the MMA juggernaut knows it would be a welcome visitor whenever they decide to arrive there.

    “We’ve been talking to them for a while,” White said about ongoing talks to land at Cowboys Stadium. “Believe me, they’re pumped and ready for whenever we can bring an event there. They’re ready for it.”
    Now it’s just a matter of the fight actually happening, and if it does, look for Silva vs. St-Pierre to be the first UFC card ever to take place at Cowboys Stadium.
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    Home turf for you SE correct? I know I got the state right anyhow, but a big state.

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    I was born and raised in the Dallas area but live about 4 hours away now in San Marcos (south of Austin).

    My wifey and I have been to two UFC events:

    UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort
    UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III

    Oddly we didn't go to the Fight Night in Austin though, don't remember why. But her favorite fighter of all time is GSP so if this happens, we'll get tickets and be there for sure.

    Although a part of me wants Condit to win just so he can run around the octagon with his middle fingers in the air.
    There are many paths to freedom, not all are peaceful

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    Hope ya get to go liked all your pic's ya posted from before.

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    Ya and your again sporting a hard

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    This could go on forever as I know you have a ton of pic's

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    didnt dana say a few weeks back that they had a show planned for Cowboy stadium and it wasnt the AS vs GSP superfight? I personally wouldnt be surprised if they did JDS vs AO at cowboy stadium if JDS can get past cain.

    Being Canadian i hope they hold it at rodgers center, its only a 4 hour drive from where i am and if it was there i wouldnt miss that card for anything. Brazil doesnt make sense either even though it would be in a soccer stadium, i cant see North Americans making the trip to brazil just for that fight


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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