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Thread: Nineteen years later, Royce Gracie reflects on UFC 1

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    Thats him he was BIG BOY lol

    If he didn't back out i wonder if Rickson would have been the one to fight. That would have been interesting.. Rickson is a beast.
    If you have not seen the UFC DVD ultimate should watch it. They (the Gracies) said Royce was the least talented and smallest Gracie. The point was to put a 165 pounder in there to show that JJ was great and it worked.

    Rickson most likly would have has the smae sucess, but it was more impressive to see Royce(that did not look like a big deal) just beat everyone they put in there.

    The UFC DVD ultimate gracie is a must watch for all MMA fans though. Royce is a amazing dude with great stories.
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    Bas Rutten and his stories >>> Royce!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    The good ol days of no wieght classes LOL

    I cant remeber his name but the SUMO dude who got his teeth kicked out was like 600 pounds
    Pretty sure it was actually teila tuli vs Gerard gordeau

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