Mike Pierce: Nick Diaz is 'entertaining like Honey Boo-Boo'

Speaking to Joeshowradio.com on the topic of the rumored Koscheck-Nick Diaz fight, Pierce recently offered some interesting words:

"I'm not in love with either of the guys, but Koscheck is a guy I've already fought once, and he's definitely a good fighter and everything. I wouldn't take that away from him. Maybe it's just the way I see Nick interact with the media. I look at him and shake my head like, 'What the hell?' I guess that's part of the fun with him is the way he responds to certain things, and the antics that he pulls in the Octagon. It's entertaining like the Jersey Shore is entertaining or Honey Boo Boo is entertaining. It's a freaking train wreck, yeah, of course it's going to get ratings and everything and people are going to talk about it, but it's not my preference, to be honest."
Mike Pierce: Nick Diaz is 'entertaining like Honey Boo-Boo' | UFC News | LowKick.com