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Thread: Dana White: Shane Carwin (Knee) Out of TUF Finale on FX

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalebarker View Post
    Shane Carwin positive roid tests: 0
    Royce Gracie positive roid tests: 1
    Steroid-dealing pharmacist sentenced; prosecutor names Shane Carwin - Cagewriter - UFC

    Steroid-dealing pharmacist sentenced; prosecutor names Shane Carwin
    By Steve Cofield

    An assistant U.S. attorney named former Ultimate Fighting Championship interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin as one of seven athletes who was a customer of a pharmacist who was sentenced Friday in a Mobile, Ala., federal court to a four-year prison term for participating in a nationwide conspiracy to sell anabolic steroids.

    According to, assistant U.S. attorney Donna Dobbins named Carwin (pictured on the left in 2007) during the sentencing of Mobile resident J. Michael Bennett, a supervising pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services, as one of the athletes whose orders contained Bennett's signature or initials. The others are:

    • Kurt Angle, a former Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler and professional wrestler.
    • Bob Howard, a pro wrestler from Mobile who performed under the name "Hardcore" Bob Holly
    • Toney Freeman, a professional bodybuilder nicknamed "The X-Man."
    • Quincy Taylor, a professional bodybuilder.
    • Dennis Newman, a professional bodybuilder.
    • Troy Zuccolotto, a professional bodybuilder.

    In addition, the Mobile Press-Register reported that two professional baseball players, seven other professional wrestlers and six other professional bodybuilders are referenced by their initials only.

    Neither Carwin nor his manager, Jason Genet, could be reached for comment.

    Update I - Genet spoke with Fanhouse this afternoon and said Carwin had no comment but would be releasing a statement in the future.

    Update II - UFC president Dana White told Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole that he was aware of the story but had no other information and declined further comment.

    Applied Pharmacy Services was previously linked to baseball players Jose Canseco and Gary Matthews Jr. and boxer Evander Holyfield.

    According to the Press-Register, court documents indicate that APS shipped more than 762,000 dosages of anabolic steroids to 17 doctors and clinics from April 4, 2004, until Aug. 30, 2006.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office in Mobile contends that does not include many other doctors and clinics that they say participated in the conspiracy.
    Those performance-enhancing drugs ended up in the hands of users ranging from professional athletes to teenagers looking to build body mass. Prosecutors cited 22 professional athletes who obtained steroids from Applied Pharmacy Services during the time Bennett worked there.
    Dobbins told the paper that the steroids were powerful and weren't for human consumption.

    "These steroids are for horses and cows, not for young people and humans," she said.

    Prosecutor referenced the five convicted pharmacists as, "drugs dealers in lab coats" and said they were also selling drugs approved only for use in livestock.

    Carwin last fought for the UFC in July at UFC 116. He challenged Brock Lesnar for the promotion's heavyweight title. He was signed by the UFC in January of 2008 after he rolled to an 8-0 record between October of 2005 and December of 2007. Here's Carwin's win over Justice Smith in June of 2006.

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    It appears as if Mitrione will replace Carwin and face Nelson at the TUF finale.
    Solid matchup and the two have history as being teammates on their time together during TUF 10, in case anyone forgot.

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    so are you stating that carwin has tested positive, or has been proven guilty?! lol

    anyhow, the guy can pretty much forget about it. he's too old, can't stay healthy......oh yeah, and then there's that guy jds!

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    There is still no proof that actually took them. He allegedly bought them.

    Don't get me wrong. I totally think he's done them and I wouldn't be surprised if he still did. Especially with him not willing to comment on it .I just think it's fucking stupid and hipocritical of Royce to call him out on that shit.
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    If it turns out he hurt his knee doing that stupid sporting contest Dana set up specifically to humiliate Nelson....I will piss myself laughing....
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